Local Students Consider, “If I Were Mayor...”

Local sixth-grade students can dream about being the top elected city official by participating in the “If I Were Mayor” essay contest, sponsored by the City of Valdosta and the Valdosta Youth Council. The contest gives sixth-grade students—from public, private or homeschools—a chance to creatively use grade-specific language arts skills and civics knowledge to express, in 350 words or less, how they would make a difference if they held the position of Mayor.

Eligible essays must begin with the sentence, "If I were mayor, I would…" and may not be longer than 350 words. The submitted essays may be either typed or neatly handwritten and must clearly display the names of the student, teacher and school clearly at the top of each submitted page.

First, second and third place local winners will be selected by local judges and recognized by Valdosta Mayor John Gayle at the April 19 City Council meeting. All local essays entered in the contest will be displayed at Valdosta City Hall, April 23-27, 2018, during Georgia Cities Week.

In 2017, Isabel McLoughlin wrote in her winning essay that she would raise awareness of different issues within the community.  

McLoughlin said, "If I were mayor, I would do many things to help my city. Some of the things I would do as mayor are enforcing laws to keep people from littering, texting and driving and not running red lights."

The entries for the 2018 essay contest must be mailed or hand-delivered by Friday, March 23, 2018, to Public Information Office, Attention: Essay Contest, 300 N. Lee Street, #102, Valdosta, GA 31601. For more information, visit http://www.valdostacity.com/if-i-were-mayor-essay-contest or call Sementha Mathews at 229-259-3548.

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