City of Valdosta Appoints Catherine Nita as HR Director

The City of Valdosta appointed Catherine Nita, a veteran human resources professional, as the city’s new human resources director effective May 21.

Catherine Nita
Catherine Nita

As director, Nita will be responsible for administering all benefits, including the medical and dental insurance plans, unemployment compensation benefits, workers' compensation benefits, city retirement plan, and Health and Wellness Program.  

Nita joins the city from a position as Director of Human Resources at Wild Adventures Theme Park where she focused on implementing human resources strategies by establishing department accountabilities, managing and developing human resources operations, and accomplishing special project results.

She has accumulated over 22 years of experience providing human resources for companies including: General Electric, Jack Welch Management Institution, and Ohio’s Department of Labor.

“Catherine is an exceptional human resources veteran and will be a valuable addition to our human resources team,” City Manager Mark Barber said. “She will make a great addition to our team because of her versatile hands-on human resources experience. Catherine brings committed professionalism to our city and our growing team of employees.”

She holds a Bachelor of Public Administration from Fayetteville State University, a Master’s of Organizational Leadership and Development from Grand Canyon University, and a Master’s of Organizational and Industrial Psychology from Walden University.  

“Catherine will add valuable skills and experience to the continuous development of our employees,” said Mayor John Gayle. “Her expertise in the human resources field will be essential to our city employees and the City of Valdosta. Guaranteeing city employees are taken care of is a crucial part of helping our city continue to transcend.”

Nita has lived in Valdosta for three years and is excited to work more closely with her city.

“I’m thrilled to receive this appointment from the city manager and the mayor,” Nita said. “I am looking forward to working with the City of Valdosta human resources team and continue strengthening our key areas. Valdosta is a great city and I am glad I have the opportunity to work alongside employees who appreciate the City of Valdosta as much as I do.”

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