Community Prepares for Tropical Storm

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The National Weather Service has predicted that Tropical Storm Hermine, that was upgraded yesterday from Tropical Depression 9, will move through Valdosta and is expected to bring thunderstorms to our region, beginning late Thursday, as well as heavy rains, damaging winds, and potential flooding and/or tornadoes. The City of Valdosta is monitoring the situation, is in regular communication with the Lowndes County EMA Director Ashley Tye, and is activating its storm plans in order to best prepare for the inclement weather.

The city remains vigilant throughout the year in preparation for weather-related incidents. Its multi-departmental response—such as Public Works, Engineering, Utilities, Fire and Police—to the severe weather warnings several days before the predicted weather arrives includes:

  • Lowering the water levels at the millpond;
  • Clearing out trouble spots in the collection system to ensure the system runs effectively with the anticipated higher water flows; 
  • Ensuring adequate personnel are on standby, and additional personnel are assigned to key city facilities—such as the Wastewater Treatment Plant, Fire Department, etc.—to respond quickly during the night; 
  • Cleaning out catch basins, road culverts, and storm pipes of leaves and debris, as well as removing beaver dams, to ensure water flows properly throughout the city stormwater system;
  • Ensuring all necessary small equipment—chainsaws, weed eaters, etc.—generators and vehicles are inspected and fueled, and all handheld radios, cell phones, and other electric devices are fully charged; and  
  • Being ready to respond with personnel and equipment, if necessary, as it is in other similar situations. 

While many are monitoring the weather situation, there are several things citizens are strongly urged to do, such as the following:

  1. Assess your property and be sure yard furniture, trash bins, yard toys and equipment are secured or put away.
  2. Bring in pets.
  3. Be sure there is no other debris on your property that can float or be blown away, as these things can block the storm drains and prevent the flow of water through our community.
  4. When the storm arrives, please stay off the streets, for your safety and the safety of others. In heavy winds, vehicles have the potential of being pushed into oncoming traffic or off the road, and flying debris and falling trees may also pose a direct threat to vehicles and passengers.
  5. Download and utilize the Valdosta Click ‘N Fix mobile app to report downed trees, flooded streets, traffic light issues, etc.
  6. Obtain a working NOAA Weather Radio.
  7. Sign up for the Lowndes County Code Red alert system.
  8. Keep the following city department numbers handy:

Citizens should continue to monitor the latest forecast and local emergency management information through the following websites:

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