LMIG Program Provides Funding to Repave City Streets

The City of Valdosta will resurface 19 city streets (5.25 miles) using funds provided by the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) Local Maintenance and Improvement Grant (LMIG), beginning this spring.

The LMIG transportation funding is allocated from the state based on a formula that includes population and street mileage. The city submitted a list of streets for resurfacing to GDOT for their review, and 19 portions of city streets were prioritized for this year’s LMIG program based on funding availability and conditions of the roads.

The city has successfully used LMIG funds in the past to repave streets and to provide a smoother and safer travel for motorists throughout the city. 5.44 miles of city streets were repaved in 2018.

Streets may be closed for a short duration during the day while under construction, but they will be opened by the end of each working day. Motorists are urged to follow all traffic warning signs and proceed around these construction sites with caution.

  • E. Jane Street (from N Troup to N Forrest)
  • E. Magnolia Street (from N Forrest to Railroad Ave)
  • Penny Place (from Lake Park Rd to End)
  • Lee Street (from E Gordon St to E Central Ave)
  • Troup Street (from E Central Ave to MLK Dr)
  • Highway Place (from Fountain Ave to Smith Ave)
  • Dunwoody Drive (from Orange St to Holgate Pl)
  • Dunwoody Circle (from Dunwoody Dr to End)
  • Johnson Street (from W Mary St to W Gordon St)
  • W. Gordon Street (from Hightower St to Smith St)
  • E. Park Avenue (from Slater St to N Ashley St)
  • Giddens Drive (from Seymour St to Moody Dr)
  • Oxford Drive (from Seymour St to Moody Dr)
  • Knox Drive (from Seymour St to Moody Dr)
  • Georgia Avenue (from Howell Brook Dr to Gornto Rd)
  • Mack Drive (from Georgia Ave to Gornto Rd)
  • Riverhill Drive (from N Sherwood Dr to Riverside Dr)
  • Riverside Drive (from Woodvalley Dr to End)
  • Buena Vista Circle (from 2507 to End)

Two years ago, the City Engineer prepared a comprehensive analysis of the conditions of the City’s streets. This data, along with City Council input from riding the Districts with the City Engineer, was used to develop a recommended list.

If you have any questions, please contact the Engineering Department at 229-259-3530.

Posted by Azhia Smothers Wednesday, January 30, 2019 9:10:00 AM Categories: Engineering Press Release Public Information Road Closure