Valdosta Police Department Welcomes Two New Officers

 On Friday, July 16, two new police officers were sworn in at the Valdosta Police Department.

Officers Jake Folsom and Maria Rodriguez are the newest members of Valdosta's Police Force.

"I wanted to work for VPD because I like how present the department is in the community. You always see them around town, and they are constantly keeping everyone informed with updates online. I always see the chief interacting with the residents on social media, so they do a great job of maintaining that level of involvement," said Officer Folsom.

After participating in in-service training with the VPD training division, the two started the police academy in April. The Officers are scheduled to start Field Training in one week, typically lasting for about ten to twelve weeks. In total, the new Officers will go through close to twenty weeks of training.

The Officers were sworn-in in front of their families, city officials, and members of the Police Department. Judge Richard M. Cowart led the swearing-in ceremony.

As the Officers prepare for their next steps, they eagerly look forward lies ahead.

"I mostly look forward to helping my community. My goal is to continue with training so that I can better support and become involved with programs or anything else that would provide assistance to Valdosta," said Officer Rodriguez.