Valdosta Public Works Department Issues Reminder to Residents on items allowed at Recycling Drop-off Sites

The City of Valdosta is dedicated to environmental preservation and encourages residents to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Currently, city residents can dispose of their recyclable materials at any of the three recycling drop-off sites. However, the Public Works Department does urge citizens to verify what types of material can be collected before their visit by checking the list of approved items located at each site and on the city’s website. 

Acceptable recyclable material includes; paper products such as cardboard, paper bags, or newspaper, tin cans and glass bottles that have been rinsed out, and plastic products that fall into the number 1,2,5, and 7 categories. “We have a sign at each recycling location that shows you the type of plastic that we take. Some of the items are like five-gallon buckets, crates, and items such as that. Unfortunately, even though some of these items are labeled as recyclable, we aren’t able to take them at our site,” said Public Works Superintendent Anthony Musgrove. 

 Many residents also bring their items in plastic bags. Musgrove wants to remind residents to please dispose of those bags properly or take them home and recycle them by using them again. Musgrove says that when these bags are placed in the recycling containers and transferred to the sorting facility, they tend to get stuck in the machinery that separates this material and ultimately gums up all the gears, which can permanently damage the equipment. Not to mention the city has to pay a fee every time there is contamination in these containers.

For anyone who may still have questions regarding what types of material are accepted and what are not, Musgrove urges that they visit for a complete breakdown. Residents can also call the Public Works Department at 229-259-3588.