Valdosta Government 101 Provides Insight on Local Government

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Valdostans and other local community members who want an inside look at how their city government runs are urged to sign up for the 8th annual Valdosta Government 101 Citizens Orientation, which takes place from April 3- May 15, 2017. This program, an initiative of the Valdosta Mayor and City Council, also includes the participation of up to five high school seniors who have a parent or legal guardian also enrolled in the program. Applications are being accepted by the City of Valdosta through March 17.

Participants of the program will meet on seven consecutive Mondays, from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m., and will be introduced to the programs and services of city government. The sessions include presentations on the following: city government overview, public safety, municipal court, engineering, public works, utilities, financial administration, industrial and economic development, recreation, Main Street, community development, planning and zoning and neighborhood development, in addition to several facility tours and community guest presentations.

A maximum of 25 people will be selected for the 2017 class from citizens who submit a completed application by the deadline and pass the required background checks. If more than 25 people apply, the city will give preference to applicants on a first-come, first-served basis.

The Valdosta Government 101 Citizens Orientation is one of three volunteer programs in the City of Valdosta available to citizens—the other two are the Citizens Police Academy and Citizens Fire Academy—designed to give residents valuable knowledge of resources through a behind-the-scenes view of local government. A number of program graduates have utilized their experiences and knowledge gained to pursue public service opportunities, such as serving on local boards and commissions and other public offices.

Vivian Miller-Cody, a 2014 graduate of Valdosta Government 101 and City Councilmember for Valdosta District One since 2015, said the program enhanced her knowledge of city government and prepared her for a seat on the Valdosta City Council.

“Valdosta Government 101 enhanced my ability in so many areas by increasing my knowledge of city government and growing me therefore into a more productive member of my community,” said Miller-Cody. “The face-to-face conversations with city leadership and the knowledge I gained about various city resources opened my eyes to ways that I could connect with and serve others for the betterment of our community. Valdosta 101 created a solid foundation for my work as a councilmember, and I highly recommend it to others.”

Application forms are available at Valdosta City Hall, the Customer Service Center or the Public Information Office. For more information, contact Public Information Officer Sementha Mathews at 229-259-3548. Completed applications should be returned to the Public Information Office, Valdosta City Hall Annex, 300 N. Lee Street, Room 102, or completed online by the March 17 deadline.

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