Valdosta Tree Commission Announces Annual Tree Sale

The Valdosta Tree Commission announced its annual tree sale a little earlier this year to encourage citizens to plant trees in honor of the city's designation as a Tree City USA and to replant trees and shrubs lost during the recent tropical storm. While this is the sixth year that the Commission has offered trees at wholesale prices, this will be the first time a few select shrubs are being added to the sale event. This year the tree selected is the Longleaf Pine, and the shrubs for sale are the Tea Olives and Encore Azaleas.

Longleaf Pines are native to the southeast and can live hundreds of years. While once an abundant tree, this tree is now a major conservation priority. Many fast growing pines become brittle and break during storms; however, the slower-growing Longleaf Pines are more resilient.

Tea Olives and Encore Azaleas are great options for those who have small lots that cannot accommodate a large tree. Tea Olives have fragrant blooms and can be considered a large shrub or small specimen tree suited to small lots or homes. 

Azaleas are a Valdosta staple; and since Valdosta is the Azalea City, they are a natural choice for the sale. Encore Azaleas are a re-blooming azalea that is extremely hardy, and many varieties remain smaller in size. For this sale, we are offering three color selections: the Autumn Debutante (pictured in the top right), which is pink; the Autumn Lily, which is white; and the Autumn Sweetheart, which is light pink.

“During the recent storms, many Valdosta residents lost trees,” said Valdosta Tree Commission member Monica Haynes. This sale will help to provide quality trees and shrubs to replant in their landscapes at wholesale prices. We feel hosting the sale event earlier will help cleanup and rebuilding efforts around the city.”

All items during the annual tree sale are sold at wholesale prices, and the Valdosta Tree Commission does not make a profit. This event is simply a way for the community to have access to affordable trees and shrubs. Quantities are limited, residents are urged to order soon. Longleaf Pines will be sold in a three-gallon grassy stage for $6, seven gallon for $17 and the 10 gallon for $24. Tea Olives will be offered in a three-gallon container for $9.95, and the three Encore Azalea varieties will be sold in two-gallon containers for $9.25. 

Checks should be made payable to the Valdosta Tree Commission and postmarked and mailed by Nov. 4 to Amy Hall, c/o Valdosta Tree Commission, PO Box 1125, Valdosta, GA 31603. Individuals should include their phone numbers and their tree/shrub orders with the checks. Purchased trees may be picked up at Wiregrass Georgia Technical College Horticulture Program Greenhouses, at 4089 Val Tech Road on Saturday, Nov.12, 2016 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

For additional information, please call Amy Hall, 229-561-5173 or Monica Haynes at 229-412-2585.

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