Lowndes County Board of Health


The Lowndes County Board of Health has established and adopted bylaws for its own governance. The Board exercises responsibility and authority in all matters within the County pertaining to health unless the responsibility for enforcement of such is by law that of another agency. The Board takes such steps as may be necessary to prevent and suppress disease and conditions deleterious to health and to determine compliance with health laws and rules, regulations and standards adopted thereunder. The Board adopts and enforces rules and regulations appropriate to its function and powers, provided such rules and regulations are not in conflict with the rules and regulations of the Department. The Board receives and administers all grants, gifts, monies, and donations for purposes pertaining to health pursuant to this chapter, and the Board makes contracts and establishes fees for the provision of public health services. The Board contracts with the Department of Human Resources or other agencies for assistance in the performance of its functions (O.C.G.A. §31-3-4).


The City of Valdosta has one appointment that fills the position which requires the board member to be a consumer or licensed nurse.  The Mayor serves during his/her elected term of office.  Members will serve a six-year term.


  • Susan Ring - Term Expires 12/31/28
  • Mayor Scott James Matheson - Serves while in office


  • Dr. Anthony Johnson (Chairman) - Term Expires 12/31/29
  • Brenda Mims - Term Expires 12/31/28
  • Frances Brown - Term Expires 12/31/25
  • Lowndes Co. Commission Chairman Bill Slaughter - Serves while in office
  • Lowndes Co. Superintendent Sandra Wilcher - Serves while in office


The Lowndes County Board of Health meets five times per year (January, March, June, September, and November) at 7:30 a.m. at the Lowndes Co. Health Department, 1st Floor Conference Room, 206 South Patterson Street, Valdosta.  View the 2022 LCBOH Meeting Dates.

Interested in Serving

Any City resident interested in serving on the Lowndes County Board of Health should submit a completed General Membership Application and a signed Code of Ethics Form to Teresa Bolden, City Clerk,  located in the City Manager and Mayor's office in City Hall, 216 East Central Avenue, Valdosta, GA 31601. 

More Information

For more information, please contact Teresa Bolden, City Clerk, at (229) 259-3503 or E-mail or contact the Courtney Sheeley, Georgia Department of Public Health, South Health District Office,  at  (229) 333-5370, E-mail or visit their website.