City Councilman Nick Harden


Big Nick, affectionately known by many in Valdosta, proudly calls this vibrant city of Valdosta his home. Over the past two decades, he has dedicated himself to fostering strong connections within the community, both through his career in media and as the proprietor of the local establishment, Big Nick's, situated in the heart of Valdosta.

Alongside his wife, Ingrid, Councilman Harden actively engages in community and school initiatives, generously contributing time to various charitable organizations and community activities. Their family includes two remarkable children: Kaleb, a recent graduate of Valdosta High School now pursuing higher education at Kennesaw State University, and Kendall, a talented student-athlete enrolled in Valdosta Middle School's STEM Program.

When asked about his decision to run for the At-Large seat on the Valdosta City Council, Councilman Harden’s response is straightforward: “Valdosta is undergoing a period of growth, and I believes it's imperative to guide this growth in the right direction. As city council member in the At-Large position, his goal is to present ideas that promote economic development and suggest measures to address crime within the community. Councilman Harden envisions a city brimming with possibilities, emphasizing the importance of prompt and considerate action to foster a thriving community for everyone.

Having arrived in Valdosta in the late 90's for education at Valdosta State University, Councilman Harden quickly developed a deep connection with the city. Now, as a homeowner and parent, his commitment remains steadfast in supporting economic growth and creating a secure environment where families can flourish. Together, Councilman Harden encourages the community to work towards maintaining Valdosta as a great place to raise a family. Councilman Harden was first elected to the Valdosta City Council in November 2023.