The Accounting Division coordinates preparation of the city's Comprehensive Annual Financial Report and issues interim financial reports. This division is responsible for administering the disbursement of city funds in accordance with adopted fiscal policies and internal control procedures. The Accounting Division also manages the city's investment portfolio in accordance with adopted policies and plans and administers the city's banking service contract.

The Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) documents the financial position and activities of the city and aims to enable the reader to gain an understanding of the city's financial affairs.

Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports

FY 2019   Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

FY 2018   Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

FY 2017Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
FY 2016Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
FY 2015Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
FY 2014Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
FY 2013Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
FY 2012Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
FY 2011Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
FY 2010Comprehensive Annual Financial Report


Finance Director

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