Alley, Street Closure and Street Name Changes

CHAPTER 86     Streets, Sidewalks and Public Places

ARTICLE III      Renaming or Closing of Streets and Alleys

The City of Valdosta has set new procedures to close an alley or street or to change the name of any public street within the city limits. For complete details regarding the ordinance and procedures please refer to Ordinance No 2019-2.  After reviewing the Consideration by Mayor and Council along with the Procedure for Consideration below please choose one of the following petitions below.  You must call to set up an appointment with the City Engineer; Mr. Benjamin O'Dowd to discuss the street closures and or street name changes prior to submitting the petition.  

Alley Name Change Request

Alley and Street Closure Request

Street Name Change Request

Street Renaming or Closure Requests by Citizens


Public Hearing for the Renaming or Closing of Streets and or Alleys

Mr. Randall Godfrey has petitioned the city to close a portion of alley on West Street behind Godfrey's Funeral home for the purpose of joining two of his properties. This will go before council on January 5, 2023.  If you find any reason that  this alley should not be closed please attend the meeting and voice your opinion.  Meeting starts at 5:30 on the second floor of City Hall.

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