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On March 14, 2016 the city implemented a more efficient sanitation services schedule that will balance daily sanitation routes based on population and density. The schedule changed the sanitation services pickup dates for approximately one-third of city sanitation customers to a different designated day of the week. The much-needed change will improve the efficiency and customer service of the Sanitation Division, eliminate delays in sanitation pickups, and maximize the manpower and fuel resources of the department.

Sanitation customers received information about the change via their utilities bills. Staff also placed colored stickers on the green rollouts of every customer. These color-coded stickers have the designated pickup day printed on them to remind citizens in the coming weeks. The colored stickers are also color-coded with a map that appears on the city's new website, which also provides more information about the new sanitation schedule.

Over the last two decades, the city has significantly grown due to annexation and development, yet there have been few modifications to the sanitation route schedule. Currently, staff is servicing 2,000 more customers on Monday than any other day of the week, often pulling workers from other services to complete route demands. The new geographically compact routes balance the daily workload for sanitation staff, with 3,000-3,500 pickups scheduled for each day. These changes will ensure that all services—the removal of residential trash, yard debris,  and bulk items will be picked up in an efficient and timely manner on the citizen's designated service day.

Citizens who did not receive a sticker attached to their trash bins on March 11, 2016 or who would like more information may call Public Works at 229-259-3585.

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