The Engineering Department issues permits for activities involving clearing/grubbing, grading, city utilities, curb and gutter, base and pavement, etc. Depending on the project, one or a combination of permits may be needed such as:

  • Driveway Permits - Prior to obtaining a driveway permit from Building Inspections citizens must seek approval from the Engineering Department.  A sketch with the dimensions, location address, contractor and contact numbers will be required. A ROW permit must be completed
    and a number assigned before construction begins.

  • ROW Permits - Any work that is to be done on the city right of way requires a ROW number 24 hours prior to any work being constructed.  It is unlawful to proceed with the work without this permit number.  Reference Ordinance No. 2008-46.  Please call Cindy Randall at 229-259-3530

  • Right of Way Permit Request

  • Georgia Utilities Permitting (GUPS)  For access to permitting please contact 229-259-3530.

  • Land Disturbance (LDA) Permit

  • Tree Removal Permit

To learn more or to request a permit, please contact the Engineering Department at 229-259-3530.



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