District 3

City Councilman Thomas B. McIntyre, Sr.

(229) 531-9678Thomas

City Councilman Thomas B. McIntyre, Sr. was born in Manhattan County, New York.  His service began in 1988 when he decided to enlist in the Air Force.  His first and only duty station was Moody AFB where he honorably served five years as an F-16C Armament Specialist.  He is a veteran of the Gulf War and has had several temporary duty assignments in the U.S. and abroad.

Councilman McIntyre worked as a freelance industrial construction worker gaining experience in the millwright field, concrete, fabrication, and iron works.  He later invested several years into building yachts for Regal Marine, working his way up the ranks to Manager of a new production line.  Still committed to service, he enlisted in the Georgia Army National Guard in 2000, joining the ranks of the 121st Mechanized Infantry Division 2nd foot in Valdosta.  After service during the Bosnia conflict and 911, he again exited the armed forces in 2004 with two additional honorable discharges. 

Councilman McIntyre attended Wiregrass Technical College and Valdosta State University (VSU) from 2007 to 2013, graduating with two, two-year degrees in Information Technology from Wiregrass and a Bachelor of Science in Human Capital Performance from VSU in 2013.  He obtained several certifications in cyber security and applied this knowledge in the network security field and the pharmaceutical industry. Councilman McIntyre currently works for the University System of Georgia (USG).

Councilman McIntyre has dedicated the last eight years to serving the community through volunteer work and philanthropy.  He is a member of several local and national non-profit organizations and serves on several boards, such as the Community Development Block Grant Citizens Advisory Committee, the CHDO organized by HUD, and the NAACP.  He was also selected by the late City Councilman Sonny Vickers to represent the District on the Citizens Police Engagement Board, relinquishing the seat to run for office last year.  Over the last few years, Councilman McIntyre has established three Neighborhood Action Associations (NAA), which empower the community members by giving them a unified platform for collaboration and direct communication with City officials.  The current NAAs in District 3 are the West Street, Hightower, and Greer Park NAAs.  Councilman McIntyre has also worked closely with the Valdosta Police Department as a community liaison speaking at many neighborhood watch group assemblies across the City.  He is also the captain of the Orange Street neighborhood watch group.

Councilman McIntyre has spent many years as a devoted single parent. He has two boys, 19 and 27. Both left Valdosta for careers in larger cities.

Councilman McIntyre was elected in November, 2022 in a Special Election due to the untimely transition of former City Councilman Sonny Vickers.  He was sworn in on January 5, 2023 by the Honorable Judge Detria Carter Powell.  He is looking forward to strengthening existing relationships and working with the City Council to make Valdosta a safe and prosperous place to live and work.