Stormwater Division


General Information

The Stormwater Division of the Engineering Department is responsible for the operation and maintenance (O&M) of the stormwater conveyance system, which includes cleaning, maintaining, and repairing over 5,800 catch basins, 170 miles of storm pipes, 775 outfalls, 33 miles of drainage ditches, 22 city detention/retention ponds and sweeps 350 miles of streets.

The Stormwater Division was added in July 1997, during a reorganization of the Public Work activities for the City. The goal of the reorganization was to best utilize the skills and equipment of various departments and provide better maintenance of the City's infrastructure. Today, the Stormwater Division provides education outreach and utilizes various resources to better serve the community including the Master Stormwater Management Plan, General NPDES Stormwater Permit, and the Stormwater Utility Ordinance.


Stormwater Division
(229) 259-3530
Stormwater/Arbor Manager
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