Business License

The completed business license application and a non-refundable administration fee should be submitted at least two weeks before opening any business in the city limits. Once the application has been approved, a certificate fee is calculated based on anticipated gross sales (click here for tax schedule) until December 31 of the current calendar year. Any additional licensing or documentation must also be completed before your business license certificate will be issued. The certificate/business licenses are non-transferable, site and owner specific and must be posted in a conspicuous place at your business establishment.

Who needs a business license?

Each person, firm, partnership or corporation engaged in any business, trade, profession or occupation in the City of Valdosta is required to have an annual license occupational tax certificate. This tax certificate is based on the business function and is calculated either on the business gross receipts or a flat fee.

Businesses that have no physical location in the City of Valdosta, but are located inside the state of Georgia, will need to first obtain a license from the county or municipality where that business office is located. The City of Valdosta will issue a complimentary license upon completion of the application.

Businesses that are located outside the state of Georgia, with no physical location in Georgia, should first obtain a business license in the Georgia jurisdiction in which they conduct the most business. If that is Valdosta, you will need to complete the application and submit copy of the Georgia state license, if required. Processing time is approximately 3 business days; the administration fee is due at the time the application is submitted, and the certificate fee will be calculated and collected prior to the certificate being issued. If the business has a current business license from another county or municipality in Georgia, the City would issue a complimentary license with the completion of our application, copy of the business license certificate and state license if required by the state of Georgia.

Expiration and Renewal

All City business license expire on December 31 of each year and must be renewed by January 31 of the following year. A completed renewal package includes a completed renewal form, a copy of the business' last completed Federal Tax Return or a letter from the companies CPA stating gross income, an E-verify form or SAVE form if applicable. Applications submitted without all proper documentation will be returned to the business for completion. All payments received after January 31st will be assessed 10% penalty on the certificate cost and an additional interest penalty of .10% based on the number of calendar days the certificate is delinquent. Contact the Business License Office at 229-259-3520 or send an email to for any additional information or if you have closed your business, moving to another location or if this was a one-time construction job and the job is completed.


Additional required licenses or documents per state or local code

Business Type & FormsDocument Required & Contact Office
Affidavit Private Employer

Private Employer Affidavit Pursuant to O.C.G.A. § 36-60-6(d)

Immigration Mandates for MunicipalitiesImmigration Mandates for Municipalities O.C.G.A. § 50-36-1(e) (2) Affidavit
Day Care Centers
(home or commercial)
State Daycare License-Bright from the Start
Emma Taylor: 404-657-5594
Grocery & Convenience StoresInspection form—GA Dept of Agriculture
Brad Bush-800-282-5852
Pest Control & Lawn Spraying
Including Round up applications
Pesticide Applicator License—GA Dept of
Agriculture Pesticide Division-800-282-5852
TaxicabsTaxicabs permit from Valdosta Police Dept.
Chauffeurs, other than TaxicabChauffeurs Permit from Valdosta Police Dept.
GA State Regulated Businesses
GA Sec of State Licensing Board - 478-207-2440
Current GA license for each specific Profession
PawnshopPawnshop permit for Purchase or Trade
of Precious metals, jewelry or gems.
Approved by the City of Valdosta Chief of Police
$5000.00 Surety Bond
Restaurants & other eating placesFood Service Permit—Lowndes County
Health Dept—229-245-2314, 229-333-5255

Change of address

Business' located in Valdosta that are moving to another location within the city limits, should complete a change of address application prior to moving. If moving outside of the city limits, contact the Business License Office at 229-259-3520 or email us at

Business License

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