Alcohol License


Businesses that need an alcohol license may complete an application online or pick one up at the Business License Office or call us at 229-259-3520. Please forward all questions to Be sure the application is complete, as partially completed applications cannot be accepted. If your business is a Corporation, LLC or Partnership, include the "Articles of Incorporation" from the Georgia Secretary of State. There is a $35.00 application fee per listed applicant due at the time of submission. Review time of the application takes approximately two weeks.

On the first issuance of the alcohol license, the fees will be pro-rated if purchased after the month of January.

Alcohol License Fees
Liquor- Retail
Club or Organization making sales to members only750.00
Veterans Organization making sales to members only450.00
Growler - Non Consumption on Premises250.00
Consumption on Premises
Consumption of Wine only on premises165.00
Consumption of Beer only on premises165.00
Consumption of Liquor only on premises2475.00
Consumption of Wine, Liquor and Beer on Premises2475.00
Non-retail beer, wine, liquor—this does not include restaurants
(includes hotels that offer complimentary drinks) Fee and consumption included


Sunday Alcohol Sales
Sunday Alcohol Sales Permit (restaurants)450.00
Sunday Package Sales (stores)1000.00

Once you have been issued the City of Valdosta Alcohol License, you must contact the Georgia Department of Revenue, Alcohol Division, at or call 404-417-4900 or 1-877-423-6711 office hours are 8:00 am - 5:00 pm, to apply for the state license. You must have the local and the state alcohol license to be able to sell, serve or distribute alcohol. All certificates must be posted in some conspicuous place at the business establishment.

Alcohol certificates expire December 31 of each year and must be renewed prior to December 31. All payments received after this date will be assessed 10 % penalty of amount due and .10% interest penalty of amount due times the number of days delinquent.

A new application must be submitted for change of ownership, business entity type change, ie, corporation, partnership, sole proprietor, also change of location and change of manager. All alcohol licenses are non-transferable.

Off Site Alcohol Event Permits

To apply for the Off-Site Event Permit, you must already be licensed in the City of Valdosta for Alcohol with Consumption on Premise and the Off-Premise Alcohol Catering License. The Off-Site Event Permit application may be completed at the Business License Office.

  • There is a $50.00 fee for each event, which is due at the time of the application submission.
  • You must apply at least 10 days in advance of the event. A permit is required for each off site event.
  • Once approved you will be issued a permit for that event.


Alcohol License
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