Street Maintenance

Street Maintenance

This division is responsible for the maintenance of all city streets, curb/gutter, and sidewalks. Tasks include:

Road Conditions

The City of Valdosta is dedicated to providing a safe and effective road network for those who live, work and play in the community. To do this, we contracted with Infrastructure Management Services in 2020 to gather information about city road's surface distress, structural integrity and sub-surface stability. Once this information was collected, it was prioritized through software based on the values given to each road. These values combined with their traffic impact, safety concerns and road conditions have helped us create a plan for each fiscal year in our choosing LMIG – Local Maintenance Improvement Grant streets for resurfacing.  The city maintains 292 miles of streets within the city limits.  This does not include any of the alley locations.

Before the repair can be made to a damaged asphalt pavement area, the type and extent of the problem must be recognized, and the cause of the pavement distress must be identified.

The common types of pavement distresses include: cracking; distortion; disintegration; skidding hazards; and surface treatment distresses. Some of the typical causes of pavement deterioration include: traffic loading; environment or climate influences; drainage deficiencies; materials quality problems; construction deficiencies; and external contributors, such as utility cuts and tree root problems

Pavement Defects