Land Development Regulations

The City of Valdosta staff and policymakers utilize a series of land development regulations to ensure, in general, the wise development of land in harmony with the Greater Lowndes 2030 Comprehensive Plan.

Recognizing that many of the City's Land Development Regulations were outdated and no longer promoted the type and form of growth our community desires, the City of Valdosta updated all of its regulations and ordinances related to the land development process. The new regulations were adopted in December 2008 and became effective January 1, 2009.

On a periodic basis, some provisions of the LDR may be revised. We make every effort to have the most up-to-date version available on this webpage. The latest amendments were approved by City Council on April 7, 2016, and these are included in the LDR items below:

The Land Development Regulations consists of the three Titles and the related Chapters listed below. A complete Table of Contents for the LDR.

TITLE 1 - Administration

Chapter 102 - General Provisions
Chapter 106 - Definitions and Abbreviations
Chapter 110 - Enforcement and Penalties

TITLE 2 - Land Use and Zoning

Chapter 202 - General Provisions
Chapter 206 - Base Zoning Districts

Chapter 210 - Overlay Zoning Districts

Chapter 210-1 Procedures Governing Overlay Zoning
Chapter 210-2 Inner Perimeter Road Corridor Overlay District
Chapter 210-3 Urban Commercial Corridor Overlay District
Chapter 210-4 Baytree-University Corridor Overlay District
Chapter 210-5 Valdosta Regional Airport Overlay District
Chapter 210-6 Historical Overlay District
Chapter 212 - Planned Development Approval
Chapter 214 - Standards Applying to All Districts
Chapter 218 - Use Regulations (including Accessory and Supplemental Use Standards)
Chapter 222 - Off-Street Parking Standards
Chapter 226 - Off-Street Loading and Service Areas
Chapter 230 - Sign Regulations
Chapter 234 - Non-Conforming Situations
Chapter 238 - Historic Preservation
Chapter 242 - Zoning Procedures and Land Use

TITLE 3 - Development and Permitting

Chapter 302 - Subdivision and Site Development Standards

Chapter 302 - Article 1 - General Provisions
Chapter 302 - Article 2 - Development Design Standards
Chapter 302 - Article 3 - Subdivision and Site Development Plan Review Procedures
Chapter 302 - Article 4 - Site Construction Plans and Inspections
Chapter 302 - Article 5 - Development Permits
Chapter 302 - Article 6 - Specifications of Standard Development Documents
Chapter 306 - Soil Erosion, Sedimentation, and Pollution Control
Chapter 310 - Stormwater Management
Chapter 320 - Flood Damage Prevention
Chapter 324 - Environmental Planning Criteria
Chapter 328 - Landscape, Buffers and Screening

Chapter 332 - Public Improvements

Chapter 332 - Article 1 - Streets and Sidewalks
Chapter 332 - Article 2 - Drainage Systems
Chapter 332 - Article 3 - Public Utilities Installation
Chapter 332 - Article 4 - Street Lights


The LDR also includes several Appendices as listed below:

APPENDIX A - City of Valdosta Permitted, Protected and Prohibited Tree and Plant Guide

APPENDIX B - Design Guidelines for the Inner Perimeter Overlay District

APPENDIX C - Design Guidelines for the Urban Commercial Corridor Overlay District

APPENDIX D - Design Guidelines for the Baytree-University Overlay District

APPENDIX E - Design Guidelines for the Residential – Infill (R-I) District

APPENDIX F - Design Guidelines for the TND Traditional Neighborhood District

APPENDIX G Section ADesign Guidelines for the Historic Preservation District

APPENDIX G Section B- Design Guidelines for the Historic Preservation District (Residential)

APPENDIX G Section C- Design Guidelines for the Historic Preservation District (Commercial)

APPENDIX H - Standard Design and Construction Details

APPENDIX I - City of Valdosta Traffic Study Standards

APPENDIX J - International Building Code Local Administration and Enforcement Provisions

Land Development Regulations

Please contact the Planning and Zoning Divisions with questions regarding the LDR. 229.259.3563

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