Urban Redevelopment

As our city continues to grow in both size and age, some areas of the community may experience disinvestment and decline. Recognizing this trend, the City of Valdosta has implemented a multi-pronged approach to counteract the impacts of decline on our older neighborhoods and commercial areas. The following describes each of these efforts and provides resources for more information.

Urban Redevelopment Plan

The Valdosta Urban Redevelopment Plan was officially adopted by the Mayor and City Council on March 5, 2009, after a six-month drafting process, which included a public hearing. This plan provides a framework for revitalizing specific areas within the city that contain distressed economic, social, and environmental conditions. In April 2013, amendments were made to the Urban Redevelopment Plan, which included expanding the Urban Redevelopment Area, as well as the Neighborhood Revitalization Area Enterprise and Opportunity Zones.

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Enterprise Zone Designation

To further support the efforts of the Urban Redevelopment Plan, the City Council approved the designation of an Enterprise Zone throughout the Urban Redevelopment Area. This designation enables properties within the Zone to apply for unique incentives to assist in property redevelopment. Such incentives vary from fee waivers to property tax reductions and are based on the investment made by the private party.

Opportunity Zone Designation

Based upon Valdosta's Urban Redevelopment Plan and Enterprise Zone designation, the Georgia Department of Community Affairs certified these areas as an Opportunity Zone in October 2009. As another "tool" in the revitalization toolbox, Opportunity Zones provide job tax credits in the amount of $3,500 for each new eligible job created, with the requirement that a minimum of two new jobs are created.

Neighborhood Revitalization Plans

As part of the City's Revitalization efforts, a significant portion of the City's oldest communities was designated by the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development as a Designated Revitalization Area. Within this area, 16 unique neighborhoods were identified by staff and citizens residing in the area. Map of the Area

For each of the 16 neighborhoods, the City has prepared a Neighborhood Revitalization Plan. This Plan will help guide City and community efforts for redevelopment and reinvestment.

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Neighborhood Development Division

The Neighborhood Development Division oversees the distribution of Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds and programs that include First Time Homebuyer Education and Down Payment Assistance Programs, Southern Hospitality Group Workcamp, and Single Unit Housing Rehabilitation Program. The CDBG program is designed to provide decent and affordable housing, provide a suitable living environment and increase economic opportunities for citizens of the City of Valdosta. For more information, visit Neighborhood Development Division or contact the Division at 229-671-3617.

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