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Jerry Jones Widening Update - April 9, 2024

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The Jerry Jones Drive/Eager Road widening project is scheduled to be bid and let by Georgia DOT in the fall/winter of 2024.  Construction will take place over the next two to three years.  This project begins at Baytree Road and ends at Oak Street, covering a distance of approximately 3 miles. 

There are two sections of this project where the existing, aging City of Valdosta sewer main will be rebuilt.  These sections extend from a) Valorbe Drive to Gornto Road, and b) Country Club Drive to Walmar Place.  During the sewer main construction, temporary access will be maintained to every adjoining property although the sequence and direction of the temporary access will change as the sewer construction progresses.  Below are links plans which show the phasing of this temporary access.

Background and History

Within the project limits, Jerry Jones Drive / Eager Road is classified as a two-lane minor arterial with a posted speed limit of 35 mph.  Given traffic volumes and current lane and intersection configurations, this street does not provide a desirable level of service to our community.  Due to the volume of traffic and the types of vehicle accidents occurring, the installation of turn lane improvements is recommended on Jerry Jones Drive / Eager Road between Bay tree Road and Oak Street.

The proposed project will add a two-way left turn lane to the existing two-lane-only sections of Jerry Jones Drive/Eager Road.  The additional pavement width will extend from West McRee Drive to Jaden Place for an approximate length of 2.2 miles. The proposed typical section will consist of eleven-feet wide through lanes, a twelve-feet wide two-way-left-turn-lane, thirty inch (30”) curb and gutter, a two feet wide grassed strip, and five-feet wide sidewalks. The project includes sidewalk at all locations along the corridor where none currently exist. 

 Staging Details Utility Plans Phase I

Staging Details Utility Plans Phase 2

Staging Details Utility Plans Stage IA

Future Projects To Be Bid Out

  • Lakeland Avenue Drainage Improvements - This project is in the design phase by Lovell Engineering
  • Troup Street Culvert Upgrades
  • 2024 LMIG Resurfacing - Bid Date:  5/23/2024  -  The Scruggs Company was the apparent low bidder - The bid goes before Council on 6/6/2024
  • Fire Station #8 - This project is in the design phase by Ellis Ricket and Associates

Projects on Hold

  • West Street Sidewalk Improvements - Project beginning date has not been determined - Southland Contractors.  Waiting on work to be completed by Atlanta, Gas & Light

 Completed Projects 

  • Patterson Street at Griffin Avenue Intersection Improvements (TSPLOST) - Southland Contractors awarded construction contract
  • Gateway Enhancements - Exit 16 

FY 24 Approved Capital Projects

  • Baytree Road at Gornto Road Intersection Improvements (TSPLOST) - Reames & Sons Construction awarded construction contract.  Project start date has not been determined
  • Old Clyattville Road Widening (TSPLOST) - Reames & Sons Construction awarded construction contract.  Project start date has not been determined
  • Emergency Culvert Replacement and Piping
  • Dogwood Sidewalk Improvements - Project bid date has not been determined.
  • Striping of Roads Y 24 Approved Capital Projects
  • 2024 LMIG - Local Maintenance Improvement Grant - Approved List


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