Wastewater Treatment Plants

The City of Valdosta operates two wastewater treatment facilities, the Mud Creek Water Pollution Control Plant (WPCP) and the Withlacoochee River WPCP.

Mud Creek Treatment Plant

The Mud Creek WPCP was originally constructed in 1979 to treat 1.5 MGD and has undergone two expansions since. The first expansion in 1986 expanded the plant to treat an average daily flow (ADF) of 3.22 million gallons daily (MGD) and a peak hourly flow (PHF) of 8.05 MGD. The most recent expansion project, completed in 2012, increased treatment capacity to an ADF of 5.7 MGD and a PHF of 17.1 MGD. The plant discharges into Mud Creek, which is tributary to the Alapaha River, one of the several sub-basins within the Suwannee River Drainage Basin.

Withlacoochee Treatment Plant

The Withlacoochee River WPCP was originally built in 1980 to process 4 MGD, then the plant doubled in size to 8 MGD during an expansion project in 1987. The new Withlacoochee River WPCP, rebuilt in 2016 in a higher-elevated location, has a capacity of 12 MGD daily with the capability to treat a PHF of up to 18 MGD and 38 MGD when using its onsite equalization basin. The plant has multiple stages of advanced treatment to provide removal of over 98 percent of the pollutants in the wastewater stream. The processed water discharges into the Withlacoochee River, one of the several sub-basins within the Suwannee River Drainage Basin.

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