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Electronics Recycling (E-Recycle)

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Veteran's Memorial Headstone Cleaning 

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Quarterly River Cleanup

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Love Where You Live Road Cleanup

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 A Neighborhood Action Association (NAA) is a section of a city with a common identity. Neighborhood associations offer a place to meet friends, exchange information, create projects and priorities, propose solutions, and have fun.

NAA is formed based on the needs and desires of its residents. The NAA will give residents a forum to discuss common concerns and brainstorm possible solutions. Some potential outcomes may be: improved street lighting, bike paths, sidewalks, traffic calming devices, parks and open spaces, zoning and land-use planning, park amenities, beautification projects, and neighborhood clean-ups. Many NAA’s have summer picnics, holiday parties, and other special events to have fun and keep the lines of communication open with their neighbors.

Recognized neighborhood associations give citizens a voice and an advocate for the city. NAA significantly improves the two-way communication between the city and its residents. Your neighborhood will have a clear, organized way to speak to city government so that elected officials and city departments will hear your voice. You will be put in touch with people who live near you and share the fondness and frustrations of your area. Once the residents of your area form an NAA and are recognized by City Council, your neighborhood may participate at various levels. The city takes pride in partnering with its neighborhoods. Through a collaborative effort, our city becomes more economically efficient, and citizens have an increased interest and trust in government.

For more information, contact Chandra McAllister

Community Sustainability Coordinator

office: 229- 531-3999

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