Adopt A Street

What Is Adopt-A-Street?

Adopt-A-Street is a litter program sponsored by the City of Valdosta, Love Where you Live Campaign to attract public involvement in picking up litter on the City streets.  The objective of the program is to create public awareness of the litter problem along City streets by making the adopted section of highway an example of community involvement that improves the beauty of the area through volunteer effort.

Litter along the roads in this area has reached an epidemic stage.  Keeping our roadways clear of litter has proven to be a very time consuming and extremely expensive operation for the City of Valdosta.



Through such adoption, an organization would have the responsibility of controlling the litter problem within that section of streets.  The organization will be asked to plan and complete at least four general cleanups on the adopted site, and report back to The City of Valdosta, Love Where You Live Campaign after each cleanup, via the Status Report Form.


Safety Precautions

All new organizations will conduct safety meetings with City of Valdosta, Love Where you Live Campaign Organizer Chandra McAllister to discuss the dangers of working along the side of the roadway.


Other Concerns

The Adopt-A-Street program is strictly voluntary to volunteers.  In addition, if the business or organization would like its adopted site recognized further, City of Valdosta, Love Where you Live Campaign can coordinate media coverage if desired.

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