Risk Management

The management of risk through loss control continues to be an integral part of the administration of the City of Valdosta.

Risk Management activities includes claims processing, investigation, adjustments and settlements, insurance placement, and implementing loss control measures through the use of training and safety inspections. The city is self-funded with regard to workers' compensation, employee health coverage, and general liability claims. The city carries property insurance on all city-owned facilities and vehicle insurance for city equipment.

Risk Division

The Risk Division of Human Resources is tasked with administering programs aimed at:

  1. Protecting the health and safety of employees
  2. Providing guidance on safe, efficient work habits
  3. Protecting the safety and assets of citizens and customers of governmental services
  4. Reducing or eliminating hazards
  5. Protecting the financial assets of the City, and
  6. Providing for the efficient utilization of insurance resources through sound risk financing.
Risk Management
Human Resources Coordinator
Valdosta City Hall

216 E. Central Ave.
Valdosta, GA 31601