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Namesort descending Job Title Email Department Edit
Amanda Hendricks Sr. Human Resources Manager Human Resources
Amy Hall Budget Manager Budgeting
Anetra Riley Neighborhood Development and Community Protections Manager Neighborhood Development
Angela Bray Stormwater/Arbor Manager Engineering
Anthony Musgrove Public Works Administrator Public Works
Anthony Musgrove Operations Superintendent Public Works
Ashlyn Johnson Public Information Officer Public Information
Azhia Smothers Human Resources Coordinator Risk Management
Becky Parker-Hall Director Police Department
Benjamin O'Dowd City Engineer Engineering
Berna Hepburn Human Resources Specialist Human Resources
Bernard Robinson Commander, Bureau of Patrol Services Police Department
Bo Bewley Traffic Management Center Engineering
Bobbi McGraw Commander, Bureau of Support Services Police Department
Bradley Eyre Director of Utilities Utilities
Brandie Dame Valdosta Mainstreet Director Main Street
Brandy Flanders Business License Technician Business License
Brian Boutwell Fire Chief Fire Department
Cheryl Gallagher Accounting Technician Human Resources
Chuck Dinkins Finance Director Finance
Cindy Randall Administrative Assistant Engineering
Crystal McGhin Accounting Manager
Darryl Muse Director of Utilities Utilities
Demarcus Marshall Facilities Manager Public Works
Ellen Hill Main Street Director Main Street