The 14th Annual Historic Preservation Award Winners Announced

The 14th Annual Historic Preservation Award Winners Announced

May of each year is National Historic Preservation Month; this year's theme is "People Saving Places," a campaign providing a national high-five to everyone doing the great work of saving places—in ways big and small—and inspiring others to do the same. During the regularly scheduled city council meeting on Thursday, May 26, Senior Planner of Historic Preservation Jeff Brammer presented the awards for each category.

These awards are given to a select few who have gone above and beyond to rehabilitate and preserve a particular contributing historic building or construct a new building that blends well with the District's historic character.

The categories for the awards are two Outstanding Achievement for large rehabilitation projects, Distinguished Merit for smaller rehabilitation projects, Stewardship for long-term preservation and care of a historic building, and New/Compatible Construction for excellence in the design of new construction that complements and reflects the architectural character of the Valdosta Historic District.

These awards positively reinforce the Historic District Design Review process, promote goodwill within our community, and acknowledge the hard work and economic reinvestment into the community's building stock.

Outstanding Achievement Awards

The McKey 101 E. Central Ave. 

Outstanding Achievement (entire building rehabilitation for a 4-story downtown historic property; converted first-floor space in GUD Coffee, second floor into an event space for a new boutique hotel; renovated 3rd and 4th floors for boutique hotel rooms (6 on each floor).

First Methodist 220 N. Patterson St. 

Outstanding Achievement (repaired and replaced historic Buckingham slate roof on entire church; also resurfaced exterior stucco, painted and repaired decorative features on towers).

Distinguished Merit Award

Greater Valdosta United Way 1609 N. Patterson St. 

Distinguished Merit Award (New roof, rear ADA ramp, rear accessory structure renovation).

Stewardship Award

The Crescent 904 N. Patterson St. 

Stewardship Award (Recognition for long-term preservation of main facility and three accessory structures. These include the Chapel, the School House, and the Auditorium)

New/Compatible Construction Award

Avery Walden 202 E. Alden Ave. 

Excellence in New Construction Award (renovated historic American Small House; additional living space in the rear, new attached carport, new front porch, new driveway and landscaping).