City Hosts Fall Electronics Recycling Event, Nov. 14

Fall Electronics Recycling Event Flier

Citizens who are wondering what to do with their outdated or unwanted electronic equipment are urged to attend a community e-recycling event that will properly dispose of their unwanted electronics, while reducing unnecessary clutter in time for the upcoming holiday season.

The City of Valdosta Public Works Department, in partnership with Keep Lowndes/Valdosta Beautiful (KLVB) and Atlanta Recycling Solutions, will host the Fall Electronics Recycling event on Saturday, Nov. 14, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., in the Mathis Auditorium parking lot, at 2300 N. Ashley Street, come rain or shine. While this event is coordinated by the city, the service is provided to all residents of Lowndes County as well.

This event is one of two annual e-recycling events and other year-round efforts that support the city's recycling program by providing citizens with a viable solution to properly dispose of their electronics. In 2014, over 30,000 pounds of electronics were collected at the spring and fall events. Since the inception of the e-recycling events in 2006, the city has saved 278 tons of electronic waste— 556,000 pounds!—from being disposed of into the landfill.

Citizens may drop off a number of electronic items at the event, such as cell phones, computers and their accessories, test equipment, typewriters, cables, video and audio equipment, scanners, cameras and more. Televisions will also be accepted at the event; however, there is a $20 charge per television and a $5 charge per CRT PC monitor to cover the costs of dissembling those items for the recyclable parts.

A number of volunteers will be available at the event to help unload recyclable items from citizens' vehicles. This "drive-through" feature makes disposing of these items very convenient to participants—providing no reason for citizens to get out their vehicles.

"The city is proud to host these events each year," said Richard Hardy, City of Valdosta Public Works Director. "Citizens are encouraged to discard used or unwanted electronic equipment in this convenient and environmentally responsible manner and therefore play a major role in the preservation of our community."

A number of items will not be accepted at the Nov. 14 event—such as vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, washers, dryers, gas-powered equipment, non-electronic equipment and other non-recyclable items. For a complete list or for more information, citizens may call the Public Works Department at (229) 671-3640.?