City of Valdosta recognizes Feb. 2024 Employees of the Month 

Mayor Scott James Matheson, City Manager Richard Hardy, and Public Works Administrator Larry Ogden have recognized Albert Anderson and Dan Robinson as the Employees of the Month for February 2024 during the regular Valdosta City Council meeting on February 8, 2024. 


Albert Anderson (pictured) and Dan Robinson (not pictured) have been acknowledged for their exceptional dedication and quick thinking, as stated in nomination letters from Public Works Administrator Larry Ogden. 

Ogden's letter praised Albert Anderson's journey within the city, highlighting his transition from the Parks and Recreation Department to the Stormwater Division and, later, to the Public Works Department as a Heavy Equipment Operator. Anderson's promotion to Supervisor over the garbage crew was attributed to his exemplary work ethic. Notably, on December 5, 2023, Anderson's quick decision-making and fearless act during a fire incident prevented potential destruction, demonstrating his commitment to the safety of the building and its occupants. 

Dan Robinson, a Heavy Equipment Operator, was commended by Ogden for his consistent dedication and proficiency since his hiring in April. Robinson's swift response to an unexpected fire incident on the same day showcased his quick thinking and courage. His actions were pivotal in preventing severe damage or destruction to the Public Works building, ultimately saving valuable city property and equipment. 

Mayor Matheson, City Manager Hardy, and Public Works Administrator Ogden expressed their gratitude to Anderson and Robinson for their outstanding contributions to the City of Valdosta. Their recognition underscores the city's commitment to acknowledging exemplary service and fostering a culture of appreciation among its employees.