Gary Turner honored as June Employee of the Month

Valdosta Mayor John Gayle honored Gary Turner as the May 2019 Employee of the Month at the June 6, City Council meeting. Turner received a framed certificate, a check for $200, and his name will appear on a plaque displayed in City Hall.

Gary Turner began his employment with the City of Valdosta in June of 2004 and currently holds the position of Groundskeeper II in the Right-of-Way Division maintenance division. Mr. Turner is responsible for the general grounds maintenance and landscaping of the Downtown Main Street area. These duties include mowing grass, weed control, pressure washing, and keeping grounds free of litter. Seasonal activities include changing decorative banners to installing shrubs, flowers, and mulch.

Over the past several months, Gary has worked tirelessly making sure the City provides a well-kept Downtown for its many visitors and citizens. His commitment and attention to detail while pressure washing the sidewalks, changing out decorative banners, installing shrubs, flowers, and mulch are just some of the tasks Mr. Turner has done for the City of Valdosta. His dedication provided a first-class Main Street and Park in the City's Downtown area as the city prepared for the many upcoming Downtown hosted events. 

Gary’s dedication did not stop Downtown. This year, the Mayor and Council’s Strategic Initiatives Summit was held at the Woman’s Building. He took the lead completing many tasks in the preparation of the facility and its grounds to meet the deadline of this highly anticipated event. After the building was pressure washed and the grounds beautified, Gary continued to assist with other tasks that were out of his normal duties. It is because of his perseverance the deadline was met, allowing for a successful event.

Gary is a true role model as he represents the City daily during his interactions with visitors and citizens while maintaining Downtown. The City constantly receives praise complimenting the appearance of the Downtown area. Mr. Gary Turner’s actions display great dedication and a “Service-Before Self” attitude.