VPD's 39th Session Citizens Police Academy Graduates

The Valdosta Police Department is pleased to announce the graduation of the latest class from their 39th Session Citizens Police Academy. Over the past several weeks, participants have comprehensively understood the VPD's inner workings, including insights into law enforcement operations and public safety protocols.

The Citizens Police Academy aims to foster stronger relationships between the VPD and the community by promoting transparency and collaboration. Graduates of this program leave with a deeper appreciation for the challenges and responsibilities faced by our officers and a greater commitment to supporting a safer, more united community.

"We are incredibly proud of this group of graduates," said Chief Leslie Manahan. "Their dedication to learning and community involvement is truly commendable. Programs like the Citizens Police Academy are essential in building trust and cooperation between the police and the citizens we serve."

The Valdosta Police Department extends heartfelt congratulations to all the graduates and expresses gratitude for their active participation and support.

For more information about the Citizens Police Academy or to learn how you can participate in future sessions, please contact Officer Randall Hancock at rhancock@valdostacity.com.