Equalization Basin Project

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Since its start-up in 2016, the Withlacoochee Wastewater Treatment Plant has experienced multiple major rain events. Two of those events resulted in spills from its existing 6 million-gallon Equalization (EQ) Basin. The Wastewater Treatment Plant currently does not have the holding capacity to account for these elevated flows from major rain events. Based on its design, peak hourly flows to the plant greater than eight hours will more than likely result in an overflow of the current EQ Basin. Staff determined that the best course of action is to construct a new secondary EQ Basin for the Plant. The City contracted with Lovell Engineering Associates (LEA), P.C. to provide design and engineering services for the construction. The new secondary Basin will provide more than double the available storage for extended periods of operation at the peak hourly flow thereby reducing the potential for overflows at the Plant. The Project includes a lined 7.26 MG excavated Basin, a new pump station, and an associated gravity pipe and force main.

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