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Name Job Title Email Department Edit
Patrick Collins Director/City Engineer Engineering
Angela Bray Stormwater/Arbor Manager Engineering
Chuck Dinkins Finance Director Finance
Greg Brown Purchasing Agent Purchasing
Nina McMillan Revenue Collection Administrator Customer Service
Amy Hall Budget Manager Budgeting
Brandy Flanders Business License Admin Business License
James Clinkscales Fire Marshal Fire Department
Sherina Ferrell Public Fire and Life Safety Educator Fire Department
Lt. Marcus Haynes Professional Standards Manager Fire Department
Brian Boutwell Fire Chief Fire Department
Ryien Bonner Human Resources Coordinator Human Resources
Berna Hepburn Human Resources Specialist Human Resources
Azhia Smothers Human Resources Coordinator Human Resources
Amanda Hendricks Sr. Human Resources Manager Human Resources
Cheryl Gallagher Accounting Technician Human Resources
Catherine Ammons Director of Human Resources Human Resources
Jennie Boyer Sr. Human Resources Manager Benefits
Ellen Hill Main Street Director Main Street
Richard Joyner Construction Coordinator Neighborhood Development
Vanassa Flucas Neighborhood Development Director Neighborhood Development
Tracy Tolley Zoning Coordinator Planning & Zoning
James Horton Historic Preservation & Special Projects Planner Planning & Zoning
Matt Martin Planning and Zoning Administrator Planning & Zoning
June Gartman Planning & Zoning Technician Planning & Zoning