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Name Job Title Email Department Edit
Leslie Manahan Chief of Police Police Department
Marcus McConico Metro Channel 17 Coordinator Public Information
Ashlyn Johnson Public Information Officer Public Information
Tonja Shackelford Operations Coordinator Public Works
Steven Jolly Mathis Auditorium Coordinator Public Works
Sharon McKinnon Administrative Secretary Public Works
Mark Coppage Sunset Hill Cemetery Supervisor Public Works
Anthony Musgrove Operations Superintendent Public Works
Richard Hardy Public Works Director Public Works
Demarcus Marshall Facilities Manager Public Works
William R. Withlacoochee Superintendent Utilities
Thomas Hess Central Maintenance Supt. Utilities
Stanley Keith Mud Creek Superintendent Utilities
Sheldon Irvin Central Lines Superintendent Utilities
Scott Fowler Environmental Manager Utilities
Ronnie Lancaster Backflow Prevention Technician Utilities
Monica Nelson Utility Billing Manager Utilities
Marion McQueen Warehouse Supervisor Utilities
Kenneth Lowe Mud Creek Asst. Superintendent Utilities
Joseph Gangler F.O.G. Prevention Technician Utilities
Jason Barnes Water Plant Supervisor Utilities
Feretz Berrien Sewer Collection Supervisor Utilities
Eric Moore Water Distribution Supervisor Utilities
David Frost Assistant Director Utilities
Darryl Muse Director of Utilities Utilities