City of Valdosta Announces Great Promise Partnership Students for 2022-2024

On July 5, Valdosta High School juniors and seniors embarked on a career training experience of a lifetime with the City of Valdosta as part of the Great Promise Partnership Program (GPP). Valdosta was one of the first municipalities in Georgia to participate in the statewide initiative. The City is committed to providing local young people with up to two years of employment, job training, life skills, mentoring, and income as incentives to finish high school through the GPP program.

In 2017, the City was also recognized at the GMA convention, receiving the Great Promise Partnership Trailblazer Award for being a leader in Georgia in implementing the GPP program.

"The Great Promise Partnership Program is funded through the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG that the City receives from HUD). The GPP program at the city also has a community service component, where students assist with community outreach programs. This year, the students will be assisting in the Back-to-School Community Event hosted by the City on August 6th at Drexel Park. The city welcomes the new GPP students as it gives the students opportunity to learn, work and earn a salary," said Neighborhood Development and Community Protections Manager Anetra Riley.

The Valdosta GPP students work full-time in several city departments during July and part-time during the fall and spring around their school schedules, gaining real-world experience and job training while also earning a paycheck. The internships are funded through the City of Valdosta's Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program, an economic development initiative that provides employment opportunities and training for low-moderate income persons.

By being paired with different departments with the City of Valdosta, the following students will prepare themselves for their futures.

Rhalyn Burton -Public Information Office

Greha Patel – Customer service

Armere Dukes- Utilities

Bryan Schell- Public Works

Jamiah McEady- Meter Reading

For more information, contact Neighborhood Development Director Anetra Riley at 229-671-3617 or, or VHS work-based learning coordinator Aquila Blankumsee at 229-333-8500 or