City of Valdosta Announces Great Promise Partnership Students for 2024-2026

The City of Valdosta’s 2024-2026 Great Promise Partnership Program (GPP) welcomed six students from Valdosta High School on Monday, July 1st. Valdosta proudly stands as one of the first municipalities in Georgia to participate in this statewide initiative, demonstrating its commitment to providing local young people with up to two years of employment, job training, life skills, mentoring, and income as incentives to finish high school through the GPP program.

Neighborhood Development & Community Protection Manager Anetra Riley and Program Coordinator Charizma Harp warmly inducted the new students to the GPP Program with exceptional career training experience on orientation day.

"We are thrilled to have these talented young individuals join our team," said Anetra Riley. "The Great Promise Partnership Program not only equips students with essential job skills but also helps them build a foundation for their future careers. We are committed to supporting their growth and success."

In 2017, the City was recognized at the GMA convention, receiving the Great Promise Partnership Trailblazer Award for being a leader in Georgia in implementing the GPP program.

Through the GPP program, the City of Valdosta is dedicated to offering up to two years of employment, job training, life skills development, mentoring, and income to encourage students to complete their high school education. The program aims to prepare students for successful futures by equipping them with essential skills and real-world experience.

The Valdosta GPP students will work full-time in various city departments throughout July and part-time during the fall and spring, accommodating their school schedules. This hands-on experience not only provides valuable job training but also allows students to earn a paycheck.

The internships are funded by the City of Valdosta's Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program, an economic development initiative designed to provide employment opportunities and training for low- to moderate-income individuals.

By partnering with different departments within the City of Valdosta, the following students will gain invaluable experience and prepare themselves for their future careers:

  • Myriah Bennett – Customer Service
  • Elysse Collins – Customer Service
  • Jayla Durham – Downtown Valdosta Main Street
  • Kamryn Swanger – Meter Reading
  • Akiyra Houston – Meter Reading
  • Edward Bell – Utilities

The City of Valdosta looks forward to seeing the positive impact these students will make in their respective departments and the community.