Freezing Temps Expected - Turn Off Sprinklers!

The City of Valdosta advises its residents and businesses to turn off their automatic sprinkler systems today in expectation of below freezing temperatures expected overnight and early tomorrow morning.

When temperatures fall below the freezing point, turning off automatic sprinkler systems is critical for two reasons.
First, some of the most critical components of a sprinkler system can be damaged during a freeze. Keep an eye on the local weather, and always turn off your automatic system during freezing temperatures to avoid costly damage.

Second, water released from a sprinkler system during freezing temperatures often creates hazards on local roads. Water intended to keep lawns looking great instead become a hazard when the water lands on the road and freezes over. The icy roads become very dangerous for school bus drivers and other morning commuters who cannot see the ice. Ice can also form on sidewalks, putting children who walk to school in harm’s way, as well.

Please take a few minutes to turn off your sprinkler systems today.