Valdosta Police Department Offer Safety Tips Ahead of New School Year

As students in Valdosta prepare for the upcoming school year, the Valdosta Police Department wants to ensure all students and drivers arrive to their destination safely each morning.

At the start of the school year, parents and students will still be trying to get back in the habit of early morning school drop off and routes. Parents dropping their children off, students walking and even motorists having to travel through school zones are encouraged to leave on time to avoid rushing and possibly being distracted by the new school year traffic.

“It seems like everyone has to relearn the system again. With the traffic being a lot heavier, it’s going to take a little longer to get places, so try to get up a little earlier, especially for the first couple of weeks until everything normalizes again,” says Ofc. Randall Hancock, Community Policing Officer.

If children are going to be walking to school this year, parents are asked to rehearse the most direct route to and from school with their child. Students walking are encouraged to wear light colored clothing or items that will make you visible. Bicyclists are also asked to wear light colored clothing and always wear helmets. If you are traveling through school zones, always obey crossing guards and any traffic warning signs. 

Parents of children that take the bus to school are asked to remind their child to stay seated at all times and keep all objects inside the bus. Children should also remember to look both ways before crossing the street when getting on and off the bus. Drivers are required by law, when approaching a school bus, adhere to any flashing red lights, stop signs and arm.

All parents are encouraged to make sure their children have contact information, such as their parent’s phone number and home address on them at all times. In the event of any accidents, students can always talk to a trusted adult, like law enforcement or any official at their schools.

If you have any questions, please contact the Valdosta Police Department at (229) 242-2606.