VPD and VFD Collaborate for Neighborhood Walk

The Valdosta Police Department (VPD) and Valdosta Fire Department (VFD) recently joined forces for a collaborative Neighborhood Walk aimed at enhancing community safety and engagement. The initiative, which took place on February 13, 2024, involved a proactive approach to address neighborhood concerns and distribute vital safety information.

During the Neighborhood Walk, representatives from the VPD and VFD walked through a designated neighborhood in Valdosta, engaging with residents to identify any issues they may be facing and offer assistance where needed. The teams also took the opportunity to distribute essential literature on starting Neighborhood Watch programs and provided information on how residents can access the VPD's tip lines.

One of the key focuses of the walk was ensuring that homes in the community were equipped with functioning smoke alarms. The Valdosta Fire Department conducted inspections and installations as needed to ensure that residents were adequately protected in case of a fire emergency.

"We are thrilled to collaborate with the Valdosta Fire Department for this important initiative," stated Chief of Police, Leslie Manahan. "Our goal is to foster strong relationships with the residents of Valdosta while also proactively addressing safety concerns and promoting community engagement."

The Neighborhood Walk is part of an ongoing effort by the Valdosta Police Department and Valdosta Fire Department to enhance public safety and build trust within the community. By working together, these two departments are dedicated to making Valdosta a safer and more connected place to live.

For more information about the Neighborhood Walk, please contact the Office of the Chief of Police at 229-293-3100.