Face Covering / Mask Ordinance


Ordinance Frequently Asked Questions  



*On March 13, 2021, The City of Valdosta Cases per 100,000 fell below the threshold for the Face Covering Ordinance. The ordinance is not enforceable once Lowndes County’s infection rate falls below 117 cases per 100,000 in population.

On August 26, 2020, The Valdosta City Council voted 4-3 to approve the Local Option Face Covering Ordinance requiring face coverings in public places and government buildings during the continuing COVID-19 pandemic.

This passage of this ordinance comes after Governor Brian Kemp issued an Executive Order on August 15 which granted local governments the authority to issue requirements that citizens wear face coverings in public places.

The city’s ordinance went into effect Thursday, August 27. 

The Ordinance requires that individuals wear a mask when in an entity or public place where other physical distancing measures may be difficult to maintain from non-cohabitating persons. The Ordinance also specifies that businesses that do not consent with the mask ordinance within their facilities post a "clearly legible sign in one-inch Arial font at all public entrances" stating, "This location does not require the use of masks or facial coverings upon this property."

There are exemptions to the City’s Ordinance that preclude the requirement to wear a mask. Any person who is unable to safely wear a mask or face covering due to age, underlying health condition(s), or is unable to remove the mask or face covering without the assistance of others is exempt from this Ordinance.

 The Ordinance will not apply to the following:

  • In personal vehicles or on residential property;
  • When a person is alone in enclosed spaces or only with other household members;
  • When the individual has a religious objection to wearing a facial covering or mask;
  • While drinking or eating;
  • When a licensed healthcare provider has determined that wearing a facial covering or mask causes or aggravates a health condition for the individual or when such person has a medical reason for not wearing a facial covering or mask;
  • When wearing a facial covering or mask would prevent the receipt of personal services or performing work in the course of employment;
  • When complying with the directions of a law enforcement officer or for the purposes of verifying a person’s identity, such as when purchasing alcohol, tobacco, or prescription drugs or when engaging in a financial transaction;
  • Children under the age of ten (10) years;
  • At any polling place and no individual shall be denied ingress or egress to or from a polling place for failure to wear a facial covering or mask;
  • When outdoors and maintaining social distancing from anyone other than individuals with whom they cohabitate.

The ordinance will be enforced by city police officers, code enforcement officers, and/or other authorized law enforcement officials. Education will be the first step in enforcement. We will work to educate any violators of the ordinance before pursuing further action. Those not in compliance will be asked to provide proof of a mask, and if they do not, will receive a warning on the first offense. Additional failure to comply with this ordinance can result in a $50 citation for individuals.

The City of Valdosta encourages everyone to review the Ordinance in its entirety. Additional information can be found in the FAQ document.

Business Resources: 

Masks Required Flyer 

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