Alley, Street Closure and Street Name Changes

Cindy Randall
Administrative Assistant

The City of Valdosta has procedures to close an alley or street or to change the name of any public street within the city limits. The steps are outlined below.  After reviewing the Consideration by Mayor and Council along with the Procedure for Consideration below please choose one of the following petitions.

Alley and Street Name Changes

Alley and Street Closures

Sec. 86-81. Consideration by mayor and council.

The mayor and council shall consider the closing or changing of the name of any public street or alley within the corporate limits only upon receipt of petition signed by 60 percent of property owners and/or residents abutting the public street for which the name change or closing is requested.

Sec. 86-82. Procedure for consideration.

Upon receipt of petition requesting a name change or closing of any public street or alley, the mayor and council shall verify that the petition contains the requisite signatures of 60 percent of property owners and/or residents of the public street or alley. Thereafter, a notice of meeting in which the petition and request is to be considered shall be published in the local newspaper a minimum of three times commencing at least ten days prior to the meeting. This notice shall contain the date and place of meeting, the current name of the street or alley to be changed or closed, or if a name change is requested, the requested name change.

Sec. 86-83. Effective date of change.

Upon the change of any public street within the city, the effective date of the change shall not be effective for a period of at least 90 days after passage of the ordinance.




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