City Responds to Sanitary Sewer Spill on Golf Course

On August 21, 2019, the City of Valdosta Utilities Department responded to a call concerning a minor sanitary sewer spill at the 3300 block of Plantation Drive. The spill occurred on a golf course. The cause of the spill was determined to be a break in the sewer main resulting in approximately 1,350 gallons of sewage to enter into a local stream. The break has been repaired, the site and its discharge point were cleaned and disinfected.

Although the level of potential contamination to the creek is minimal, the public is advised to avoid contact with bodies of water adjacent to the 3300 block of Plantation Drive for the next few days. All appropriate regulatory and public health agencies have been notified, and warning signs have been posted at the spill location.

The city continues our ongoing effort to improve the infrastructure of our collection system to eliminate these occurrences in the future. Improving our collection system has, and will continue to be a main priority. 

For more information, contact Environmental Manager Scott Fowler at (229) 259-3592 or at